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No Opportunity for Good Governance with Limited Numbers in the House

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tags: Parliament, House of Assembly, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, House of Assembly Restoration


The TCCI outlined one of the major concerns of the 25 seat parliament as, 'the limited pool of talent from which to choose a minister'.  This must resonate with you.  So far this year you have lost two ministers, one through sudden retirement and the other because he repeatedly misled the House.  Have a look behind you.  Do you agree you are fast running out of options should another minister fall?  You are already in the situation where pretty much every child has won a prize.  What are you going to do if another one of your ministers falls and why are you prepared to put cynical politics above the good governance of the state?



Madam Speaker, I thank the member for her question and I welcome the opportunity to look behind me and look at a stable, strong, unified, focused team, filled with talent, unlike the runt parties left behind after the last election.

The member who asked the question leads a party that lost its party status after the election.  The other members of the Labor-Greens opposition, who also support an increase to the size of this Parliament, were those who led their party to its worst defeat in 100 years.  Do not tell us to have a look at ourselves.  Sit back and reflect on what you became under your leadership and what the Tasmanian people, as a whole, had to say about your government. 

This is a strong, unified team, filled with talent.  I have a problem none of you have.  A number of my members are aspirational, committed and determined to deliver the best possible outcomes for our state.  We have a strong Cabinet, which stands in stark contrast to the former Labor-Greens government.  They had five different Cabinets in only four years.  Two premiers, two treasurers, three education ministers and two Greens in Cabinet who walked in and out when it suited them.

I would not ask questions about strength, stability and focus, given the turmoil that exists within your Labor colleagues' party room or the total irrelevance your non-party now is.