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Parks – Track Maintenance

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Tags: Parks, Infrastructure, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - In your context where an island can be given away in the TWWHA for less than $100 a week. The Budget Papers show spending on Parks infrastructure includes huge spends on carparks and the next iconic walk in the Tyndalls, but the existing track system - and we have this information reported to us by Parks users semi-regularly - is in urgent need of maintenance. What resources are you dedicating to serious erosion issues on tracks like the Southern Ranges, the South West Cape Circuit, the South Coast Track and the Port Davey Track, just to name a few? I'm happy to put that on notice.

Mr JAENSCH - Ms O'Connor, as you know, Parks has a range of projects under way, in-between projects and existing infrastructure. The income that comes from park entry fees is redirected into parks maintenance and management in part. In this Budget you can see a $1 million a year national parks maintenance boost program that provides funding for a number of projects across the state and addresses safety and maintenance issues, such improved amenity and public access to reserves. This is an area that would be used for track maintenance as well. That's included directly in the Budget, as well as some of these other investments you've referred to, like the Tyndall Range, which is intended to spread the load so that we don't have our most popular and loved areas being loved to death. We can spread the visitation across more sites and experiences across the state and across the Parks estate.

Ms O'CONNOR - Are you going to answer the question? What resources are you dedicating to serious erosion issues on tracks like the Southern Rangers, South West Cape Circuit?

Mr JAENSCH - I've given you an example of two areas of Parks' income, being our maintenance boost and our Parks entry fees, which also contribute to the maintenance of our existing track infrastructure.

Ms O'CONNOR - We'd like a breakdown of the maintenance and upgrade budget for those very significant tracks.

Mr JAENSCH - For which specific tracks?

Ms O'CONNOR - The ones I've named twice.

Mr JAENSCH - I'd be happy to take that on notice.