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Planning – Rosny Hill

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Tags: Rosny Hill, Planning

Dr WOODRUFF - Minister, Rosny Hill is the only place in Tasmania by your department's count that the endangered leafy sun orchid is found. Their estimation is that there are only 30 leafy sun orchids left at recent counts in that area. You have responsibility under your other portfolio for the recreation area there. It is deeply concerning to the community that you have refused to step in and make a clear statement about the importance of maintaining the natural values of the recreation area for the council regarding the development for a 300 metre long hotel. Your staff in your other portfolio have identified that the orchids couldn't simply be relocated. They were sceptical about that and they couldn't imagine that it would improve protections for the orchid.

Minister, you haven't stepped in yet and made a clear declaration about the protection of natural values on that development. The community is in the RMPAT at the moment, fundraising through tea towel sales and other activities for private experts to provide advice to them on that case. They're standing up for their recreation area. It is reserve public land. Will you step in and clarify that the natural values can't coexist with the proposed hotel and that the natural values should win?

Mr JAENSCH - As I understand it, the Rosny Hill property is under a management agreement with the Clarence City Council. They are responsible for the management of any processes that seek approval for development on that site. The proponent of any development will have responsibilities under all existing legislation that deals with the protection of threatened species and other values, Aboriginal cultural heritage and other matters. As we discussed in the previous session, the developer has a responsibility to satisfy all relevant regulators and legislation around the merits and the compliance of their proposal. That's part of the normal development process -

Dr WOODRUFF - But it can't be done, minister. Sometimes you can't have everything you want. One thing has to win and in your case you have to apply the law -

CHAIR - Dr Woodruff, you are disrupting the minister. I ask you to allow him to finish his response. Once he has finished you can then ask another clarifying question but allow him to finish first, please.

Mr JAENSCH - This is how the law works, by having the requirements for developers to make submissions and make their case and for them to be assessed by independent regulators and get a result. It is not about you or me having an opinion that we reach over and into these processes.

Dr WOODRUFF - Who assesses for the environment? Who does the work for the environment? Who does that assessment for the environment?

Mr JAENSCH - The relevant regulators under the various hats.


Mr JAENSCH - No, it is typically not me who makes assessments and decisions.

Dr WOODRUFF - Correct, by your delegated authority.

Mr JAENSCH - We have process.

CHAIR - Dr Woodruff, do you have another question to ask?

Mr JAENSCH - I note that when it comes to proposed developments, the Greens are very keen for the Government and the minister to reach in and bypass normal processes to stop things but always incredibly accusing that we are doing that for anything that is proceeding that they don't like. We have processes in place, Dr Woodruff. That is how the law works and that is the process that will be followed at Rosny Hill.