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Plastic Free July

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tags: Plastic, Recycling

Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

That the House -

1.     Recognise the recently completed ‘Plastic Free July’, an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the amount of plastic in our lives by encouraging people to eliminate the use of single-use plastic during July each year.

2.     Notes that

a.     ‘Plastic Free July’ started in Western Australia in 2011 with 40 people, and has now grown to be a worldwide movement that includes over 1 million participants.

b.     The focus of the event is on creating awareness of the issues surrounding plastic, particularly single-use plastic, providing alternatives and solutions, and encouraging new habits.

3.     Acknowledge the efforts of Trish Haeusler, who created ‘Plastic Free Launceston’ and brought the annual event to the city.  Trish and Plastic Free Launceston raised awareness through a social media campaign, running workshops in schools, and talking to business.

4.     Note the outcomes of this campaign included a number of local businesses participating to use less plastic themselves, and reward consumers for using less plastic - like takeaway coffee cups and straws.  The Launceston Harvest Market also declared itself ‘plastic free’ for the month in support.

5.     Congratulate all participants of ‘Plastic Free July’ in Tasmania. They made a fantastic contribution to raising awareness about some of the simple ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment.