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Police, Fire and Emergency Management – Working With Vulnerable People Registration

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 9 June 2022

Tags: Working with Vulnerable People, Police

Dr WOODRUFF - Okay. On yet another matter, it is to do with working with vulnerable people which is not your portfolio, I accept. However, in the ACT the Registration for Working with Vulnerable People has a broader purview than it does in Tasmania and their regulated activities include, amongst other things, prevention of crime and victims of crime services.

Will you consider having a conversation with the minister, Ms Archer, about looking into expanding our regulated activities to include those two areas?

Mrs PETRUSMA - As you said, it would be with the Attorney General. What exactly are you saying needs to go on there? The criteria at the moment for working with vulnerable check is quite broad. What activity are you talking about being added, because if you are applying to work in any of those areas they do look at your criminal history Australia wide quite robustly?

Dr WOODRUFF - People working with victims of crime and people working in the prevention of crime and I have to admit, I am not sure exactly what the detail of the prevention of crime matter is in the ACT. Our working with vulnerable people does not include those people who are working in those areas with those people the ACT designates as vulnerable, does not require a working with vulnerable people check, like we do with other vulnerable people in Tasmania.

Comm HINE - That is not our area, it obviously Justice who look after that area. I really cannot make any comments about other states and what Justice may be considering.

Mrs PETRUSMA - It might be best to write to the Attorney-General and ask for her to consider it because I am not sure how it intersects with what we already currently do, because the checking is quite robust that goes on behind the scene. I do see your point about victims of crime would be a vulnerable cohort. It might be to if they are a victim of crime as to where the gaps are depending where they have not been able to be covered by somebody who is looking after them who does not have a working with vulnerable people check.

Dr WOODRUFF - We will write to the minister and a heads up to you that is something we are looking at.

Mrs PETRUSMA - We enact the law and she help to determine the law. If it is a sensible measure that will protect people and their wellbeing, the Attorney-General will look at what the barriers may be there.