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Prime Ministerial Support - Position of Premier

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Tags: Political Leadership


The nation is in turmoil as a result of the leadership vote yesterday. Three of your four federal colleagues, senators Abetz, Bushby and your former staffer Jonathon Duniam, cast a vote for Peter Dutton. Senator Colbeck backed the prime minister.

Whose side are you on: an authoritarian, racist former immigration minister, or a prime minister with no spine and no principles who is captive to the hard Right of your party. Does Malcolm Turnbull have your unqualified support as Prime Minister?


Mr O'Byrne - Be very careful here. There's a line.



Madam Speaker, I am getting leadership advice from David O'Byrne. How did your failed leadership tilt go last time? We look forward to the next edition.

I am very strongly supportive of Malcolm Turnbull and his Government. Indeed, this Government is a fine example of a state government working very closely with the Commonwealth to get good results for our state. You only need to point to the federal and state budgets, where we have seen extraordinary levels of investment into our infrastructure, our tourism, our irrigation, our schools and hospitals. We saved the Mersey, which was under threat under a former Labor-Greens government. These are all examples of a state working very closely and effectively with the Commonwealth.

I certainly have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his colleagues. My focus is on the people of Tasmania and the Government that we provide to our state. There is no doubt, despite what is happening on the other side of this Chamber, we have provided strong, stable and unified government for a number of years. We had a successful first term and are just the first months into a second term of a re-elected majority Liberal government.

The support we have is that of a majority of Tasmanians who voted for a second-term majority Liberal government for only the second time in Tasmania's history, which is clear confirmation that not only do they support the plan we took to those two elections but also reflect the fact that it is delivering.