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Regional re-investment

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tags: Regional Development

Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

That the House - 

1.      Notes that the Greens have released a Reinvesting in Regions policy, which aims to empower Tasmanian regions to set their own development agenda free of political interference and with a significant fund to draw on;

2.      Recognises that this policy incorporates all elements of regional development policy best practice;

3.      Welcomes the news that the Government has established the Circular Head Regional Economic Development Working Group, and sincerely wishes the group the best of luck;

4.      Recognises that we need to give our regions the capacity to identify and plan for these large impact changes before they occur, and last minute interventions do not do our communities justice;

5.      Acknowledges that there is a need for more of these groups to identify and plan for regions before these problems occur;

6.      Calls on the government to establish more groups, at arm’s length from the Government throughout Tasmania’s regions in line with the Tasmanian Greens’ Reinvesting in Regions policy.