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Resources – MMG

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Tags: Mining, Protest

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, it is a matter of public record that you unlawfully approved a permit for MMG over Helilog road and subsequently they were a number of unlawful arrests made. What was the basis for you approving the permit for Chinese-state owned company MMG to block-off the public access to Helilog road?

Mr BARNETT - With respect to Helilog road mining lease for M21 on 28 April 2021, MMG applied for the mining lease, ML4M2021, over the access road to their existing mining lease, to facilitate site investigations for the proposed south marion oak tailing storage facility, MRT undertook an assessment of the mining lease application and subsequently recommended to me that the lease be granted.

Ms O'CONNOR - You are blaming the department.

Mr BARNETT - On the 10 August 2021, I granted MMG a mining lease on the basis of the recommendations provided to me by MRT, and administrative error in the application was then found by the department, and immediate action was taken. Mr Chair, I subsequently requested that a review of the processes and administrative functions of MRT in relation to the granting of MMT tenements be undertaken as a matter of importance by the Department of State Growth.