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Resources – Protestor Arrests

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Tags: Protest, Native Forest Logging

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, we are now well aware - and this relates to Dr Broad's previous question - that forest protesters were unlawfully arrested and charged at a number of locations, including the Wentworth Hills and in the north-east tiers. Do you have any estimates of the cost of, really, you, as minister, but also the cost of these unlawful arrests and the impact on the state Budget?

Mr BARNETT - With respect to matters for Tasmania Police, obviously I would encourage you to put those questions to the minister directly, and/or the -

Ms O'CONNOR - They should send you the bill.

Mr BARNETT - and/or her offices. In terms of the role and operations of Tasmania Police, it is clearly a matter for Tasmania Police. As minister, I would not, in any way, want to interfere with or direct them with respect to these matters.