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Resources – Wood Supply Sources

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 8 June 2023

Tags: Native Forest Logging, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you. Minister, just a short time ago you said, and correct me if I am wrong here, that as far as the industry is concerned that 137 000 cubic metres will provide enough supply for the next 90 years. Is that correct, what you said?

Mr ELLIS - If you've read the Sustainable Yield Review No. 6, which I assume you have?


Mr ELLIS - That is all right, so we will go back. Sustainable Yield Review No. 6 provides the sustainable level of forestry that is capable of being provided across our state's native timber production zone land. It demonstrates clearly the STT will continue to be able to meet its obligation to provide 137 000 cubic metres of high-quality saw log and make that available to the industry for the next 90 years and beyond. This is the sixth Sustainable Yield Report that's been completed and continues to demonstrate that, but perhaps I might pass over to the -

Ms O'CONNOR - Just before you do, and respectfully, what I'm trying to establish here is: is the 137 000 cubic metres that you say FT will be able to supply the industry with for the next nearly a century from the Permanent Timber Production Zone land or does it also include plantations?

Mr ELLIS - Yes, let me pass that over to - because, of course, there aren't plantations on Permanent Timber Production Zone Land -

Ms O'CONNOR - No, but outside the Permanent Timber Production Zone, the other plantations, the one you haven't sold off, from where else FT might get supply.

Mr ELLIS - From other landholders? Yes, sure. What I might do is pass over to the department to speak you through this because we know that it's an important area for our community -

Ms O'CONNOR - With respect, what I'm trying to establish here is whether or not there's any justification at all for going into the reserves - the future reserve forests - if the Sustainable Yield Review indicates that there's enough there on the tenures you've got.

Mr ELLIS - I might just make some high level comments on that before passing over to the team, in terms of the sustainable yield review. The Future Potential Production Forest is an opportunity where the industry can demonstrate the need and the demand. We know that Australia is a net importer of timber, despite being one of the most forested countries on Earth and even more so when we take it per capita, so if there are opportunities to grow the industry on Future Potential Production Forest Land, we'll look at that but I'll pass over to the team to add to my remarks around sustainable yield.

Mr MORETON - There are only a couple of comments I might add. The Sustainable Yield Review is a model that is run and the model is a 90 year model, so it's projecting forward 90 years and that's where that comes from.

Ms O'CONNOR - That's fine. That's enough, I just think we've established you don't need to go into the future reserve forests.

Mr ELLIS - In terms of meeting the obligation to make available 137 000 cubic metres of high quality saw log, we can do that on Permanent Timber Production Zone Land but we're a net importer of timber, so if we want Australian and Tasmanian timber versus orangutan habitat from Third World countries, that's a potential option that the Greens obviously support. We believe that the lowest impact forestry that you can do is in sustainably managed forests and Tasmania has that. In terms of meeting our national demand for timber, that is a big opportunity and we believe that we should work closely with industry around that. It's also a big opportunity in terms of land management. Our Government's made a commitment on carbon as well and fire management on that land, too. As I mentioned, we're currently able to meet STT's obligation from the PTPZ and then we'll work through the industry on the FPPF land if they can demonstrate the need.