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Royal Hobart Hospital - Teaching Accreditation

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 28 August 2018

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Do you have concerns about the Royal Hobart Hospital's teaching accreditation?  Last August the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists withdrew accreditation of psychiatric training at the Royal.  At the time you promised to resolve some very serious issues but is it a fact that we still do not have that accreditation?  Yesterday Dr Frank O'Keeffe also said:

"Too few major surgeries are happening at the Royal because the hospital simply does not have the beds and it is affecting training requirements."

Can you confirm that the Royal's teaching hospital accreditation is at risk?



Madam Speaker, I thank Dr Woodruff for her question.  The secretary and I both outlined to the Estimates Committee of the Legislative Council - because I was not asked it in the House of Assembly Estimates Committee - that the psych accreditation for the Royal Hobart Hospital has been restored - and to qualify just to be sure - or is in the process of being restored.  My advice is that it is restored.  That is in large part due to the excellent work of our clinicians who worked very closely with this Government. 

I beg the member to not even bring into question the nature of the Royal Hobart Hospital as a teaching hospital.  It is our teaching hospital.  It is the highest level tertiary training hospital in Tasmania.  There is not just one accreditation for training at the Royal Hobart Hospital.  There are dozens of them.  There are many of them and -

Ms O'Connor - The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards?

Mr FERGUSON - That is not what I was asked.  I hear the interjection.  If I may, Madam Speaker, I will take that interjection.

Madam SPEAKER - Yes.

Mr FERGUSON - That was not addressed in the question, Ms O'Connor.  I was asked about training accreditation.  Since the Speaker is permitting me to now address your interjection, I have also now been asked about the quality and safety accreditation of the Royal Hobart Hospital.  Is that what she said?

Dr Woodruff - Minister, is any training accreditation at risk at the Royal Hobart Hospital?

Mr FERGUSON - I am advised that very good feedback has been received in relation to the recent audit.  It is not public yet, it is in due process.  My feedback has been very positive and it is another opportunity to pay credit -

Dr Woodruff - So there is no truth in what Dr O'Keeffe said yesterday?

Mr FERGUSON - If I can just be permitted.

Madam SPEAKER - Through the Chair, please.

Mr FERGUSON - It is another opportunity for me to send a message of credit to our clinicians and our senior managers who have worked so hard on that.  They should be thanked.  I can assure Dr Woodruff that my advice is that there is no risk on that.