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Safe Schools

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tags: Safe Schools Program, LGBTI

That the House:—

(1) Admonishes the leadership of the Liberal Party for cowering to the conservative ideologues within its ranks and supporting a motion to ban ‘Safe Schools’, at the recent state conference.

(2) Shares the information from Susan Ditter, EO at ‘Working it Out’, to get a briefing from a teacher, a student and a parent on the important work being done by the programme.

(3) Reminds the Government that ‘Safe School’ is a discretionary teacher resource, intended to foster inclusion in the classroom and not part of a school curriculum in Tasmania.

(4) Notes that ‘Working it Out’, who deliver the programme in Tasmania, also offer workshops for school chaplains and nurses designed to give them awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Inter-Sex (LGBTI) people to foster cohesiveschool communities.

(5) Reminds the Government that if ‘Working it Out’ were not delivering the programme in schools that every time a LGBTI student required extra support of teachers to manage the expectations of other students, valuable teacher resources would be spent on an area which most teachers do not have expertise.

(6) Notes that the Salvation Army has just announced its support for ‘Safe Schools’, saying “none of the negative claims made about the programme accurately reflect anything in the official materials reviewed.”

(7) Thanks the Minister for Education and Training, Hon. Jeremy Rockliff MP for his continued support of the programme and trusts recent events will not alter his support of the programme.