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Small Business – GST Registration

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 9 June 2022

Tags: Small Business

Ms O'CONNOR - GST registration is an issue that might not be obvious to people who don't run their own business but, as you know, this can create a genuinely significant administrative burden. Currently businesses with a turnover of more than $75 000 per year have to register for GST and we know this is a federal government issue but as a minister you can still make representation to your federal counterpart. Will you consider advocating on behalf of Tasmanian small businesses for an increase in the GST registration threshold?

Ms OGILVIE - Can I ask why?

Ms O'CONNOR - In order to lower their administrative burden because they are a small business and there is this sizeable layer.

Ms OGILVIE - It is important everybody pays their GST. Is it a red-tape question really? Would that make it a bit easier?

Ms O'CONNOR - It is about red tape and it is also about saving on time and costs.

CHAIR - Also noting, as you point out Ms O'Connor, it is a federal policy matter but if the minister has anything further to add -

Ms OGILVIE - If it is a real issue, I am happy to take it on board and have a look at it. I would want to make sure that whatever we do, recognising that it is a federal Labor government now and it will be interesting to talk with them, ensures that things are fair and efficient for everybody.