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State Budget 2016: Surplus at the Cost of Launceston's Water and Sewerage

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tags: State Budget, Sewerage, Launceston, Tamar River, Floods, TasWater, UTAS

Andrea Dawkins MP to move—

That the House:—

(1)           Notes that:—

(a)           as indicated in the 2016/17 State Budget, significant investment is required to upgrade Tasmania’s crumbling water and sewerage infrastructure;

(b)           in Launceston a significant amount of time is taken up by politicians shifting responsibility and blame for the dire situation the City is in, with regard to sewage overflows into Kanamaluka/River Tamar;

(c)           in January 2016, during the only significant rainfall in a period of many months, a deluge rain for several days caused significant overland flows as well as sewage bubbling up into urban and suburban residences;

(d)           TasWater cannot fund improvements alone and needs the commitment of all levels of government to fund vital projects, including the best possible sewage treatment plant for Launceston, which would equip the City and surrounds for many decades;

(e)           there is a reduced benefit in moving the Newnham Campus of UTAS into the edge of the City, and attempting to attract 10,000 more students, unless the basic needs of the current residents are met; and

(f)            a surplus at the expense of crucial infrastructure is unwarranted unwelcomed and signs of a government well out of touch with the needs of its community.

(2)           Calls on the Hodgman Liberal Government to do more than pay lip service to possible partial funding for water and sewerage infrastructure projects and to allocate the required funding of $10m a year over ten years to enable TasWater to deliver first world services to the people of Launceston.