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State Development, Construction and Housing – Infrastructure Priorities

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Tags: Infrastructure, Housing

Ms O'CONNOR - In contrast, if we want to talk about priorities, in this year's state Budget there is $713 million allocated this year alone for roads and bridges. You have just said there is $538 million over four years for Housing.

Mr BARNETT - Capital.

Ms O'CONNOR - Yes, for building new homes. Don't you think that points to a set of priorities which are continuing to deepen the housing crisis? If you are not front-ending your infrastructure spend to build more homes you will end up with a housing waitlist, in fact, where it is forecast to be always on the up.

Mr BARNETT - There is a key ingredient and a key principle that I reflect upon and have been strongly supportive of all through my political life, and that is that a strong economy can help deliver the funding support for the essential services we need, whether it be hospitals, schools, the police keeping the community safe, including investment in housing. To grow the economy we have a whole range of initiatives in the Budget, including to support our roads agenda. We have a very big infrastructure agenda, as you know.

Ms O'CONNOR - You could grow the economy by building houses.

Mr BARNETT - Well, we are doing exactly that. We are growing the economy by building houses, so I accept that and agree, but we are growing the economy in so many other ways as well.