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State Growth - kunanyi/Mount Wellington Cable Car

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Tags: kunanyi/Mt Wellington, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, is the Department of State Growth providing any practical support or advice or guidance to the Mt Wellington Cableway Company to date?

Mr JAENSCH - There has not been any engagement with this project since its very earliest stages. The project is currently making its way through an appeal, I understand, or under the LUPA planning process and going through RMPAT. State Growth will participate in that to the extent that it is required or requested for information.

Mr EVANS - That is right, minister. In the initial stages, through the Tasmanian Development Board, we are asked to do a full assessment of the viability of the project. That resulted in us providing some advice to the government, and the government deciding to put through the parliament the Mt Wellington Cable Car Facilitation Act. However, it was made clear at that point that all that act was to do was to provide a mechanism by which the proponent could get access onto the mountain, to undertake the necessary studies to enable it to submit its development application to the Hobart City Council. The Government was clear at the time that it should go through the normal planning process, which is what is happening. It is fair to say that from time to time the company does make contact with us but not for support. It's just to update us on their progress.