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State Growth – Mount Roland and Cradle Mountain Cableways

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Tags: Cradle Mountain, Cable Car

Ms O'CONNOR - Okay, thank you minister. Are you able to update the Committee on the proposed Mt Roland cableway? We have information that logging activity has already commenced around Mt Roland but it occurred in the month of October. Are you able to provide an update to the committee but more importantly to the people in that beautiful corner of Tasmania who are worried about that proposal to stick a cable car up a beautiful mountain?

Mr FERGUSON - I am advised that that is one of the EOI applications and Mr Perry has some information for the committee.

Ms O'CONNOR - Also maybe if you could address the logging question that has been raised with us by some locals.

Mr PERRY - I understand that that application is in lease and licence negotiations. I can't address the logging question because I don't have any information in relation to that issue.



Ms O'CONNOR - A final question on the Cradle Mountain project. Can you confirm, minister, that the cableway and the very large and flash and arguably not quite appropriate viewing shelter in front of Dove Lake would be owned and managed by Parks, or are we going to give that to private developers as well?

Mr FERGUSON - I'm happy for the Co-ordinator General to respond to that based on what we know.

Mr PERRY - The viewing shelter is a government asset. In relation to the cableway, I don't believe that a decision has been made on the operating mechanism for it. A significant amount of money has been allocated for developing that.

Ms O'CONNOR - The operating mechanism is not necessarily who owns the hard infrastructure, is it? That's about who would operate the cable car rather than who would own a piece of infrastructure in a public protected area?

Mr FERGUSON - I think what the Co-Ordinator General is offering the committee is his best possible answer which is at this time that hasn't been finalised. There's work that is currently ongoing. I don't think that is licence for you to say anything of the kind until we have that advice.

Ms O'CONNOR - Sounds like more privatisation in public protected areas.

Mr FERGUSON - As I said, I don't believe you have licence to say anything of the kind.