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Tasmania Must Unite With Other States and Implement Container Deposit Scheme

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tags: Environment, Container Deposit Scheme, Recycling

That the House:—

(1)           Notes that the Senate Environment and Communications Committee report calls for the introduction of Container Deposit Schemes across the nation to eliminate beverage rubbish.

(2)           Understands that container deposit schemes:—

(a)           are in over forty jurisdictions worldwide, including South Australia and the Northern Territory;

(b)           have been operating in South Australia since 1977 and have resulted in a huge reduction in beverage containers in the marine environment and high levels of recycling in that state;

(c)           if implemented in all Australian jurisdictions, could remove an additional 35,000 tonnes from the waste stream per year;

(d)           are a simple and cost effective way to change consumer behaviour;

(e)           have benefits to both the community and government in reduced costs of litter collection and disposal, less landfill and environmental impacts; and

(f)            have widespread and high levels of community support.

(3)           Welcomes the announcement by the Premier of NSW, Hon Mike Baird MP that NSW will move to implement a container deposit scheme, and the likelihood that QLD and Victoria are likely to follow NSW’s lead.

(4)           Acknowledges the Senate Committee’s recommendation that, if all states and territories have not introduced container deposit scheme legislation by 2020, the Australian Government should develop legislation to force them to do so.

(5)           Further notes with concern the Minister for the Environment, Parks and Heritage, Hon Matthew Groom MP, has previously bowed to beverage industry pressure and knocked back a Container Deposit Scheme.

(6)           Calls on the Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage to uphold Tasmania’s clean green reputation, and immediately move to make sure Tasmania is not the last state in Australia to implement a Container Deposit Scheme.