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Tasmania needs hazardous waste policy

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tags: Waste, Environment

That this house:

1.     Notes the 2008 Sustainable Infrastructure Australia report to government: Current and Future Controlled Waste Practices in Tasmania, which examines eight options for dealing with hazardous waste.

2.     Notes the 2004 Landfill Sustainability Guide which states that waste should be reduced or avoided, and where it can’t be, re-use and recycling should be pursued with landfill only used where no other method is feasible.

3.     Notes that the proposed c-cell facility at Copping is due to begin construction before June 2016.

4.     Notes recent comments from Macquarie Point Development Corporation that they were still assessing soil contamination but they might not need to use the proposed C-Cell

5.     Notes that Nystar has received federal funding to secure its legacy waste and has no plans to send any new contaminated waste to the facility.

6.     Calls on the government to undertake a hazardous waste audit in Tasmania with world’s best practice reuse, recycling and disposal treatment recommendations for each category.

7.     Calls on the government to ensure the Copping site has been critically assessed against the 2004 Landfill Sustainability Guidelines and the proponent has a financial ability to pay for any site remediation and ongoing management post closure.

8.     Calls on the government to develop a statewide waste policy before any consideration of public funding for the Copping C Cell or any other waste treatment facility in the state.