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Tasmanian Senators - Support for Change of Prime Minister

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Tags: Political Leadership


Your federal colleagues Senators Abetz, Duniam and Bushby were central to the chaos that unfolded in Canberra last week and there are now questions marks over Tasmania's GST share and a moratorium on fracking.  What do you have to say to your federal colleagues who brought the nation's politics to its knees last week?



Mr Deputy Speaker, I thank the member for Denison for her question.  I can point to what is, in my humble opinion, a very good example of strong, stable government that we are providing here in Tasmania to serve Tasmanians, to deliver on our plan and to deliver positive results and that was reflected in a very strong vote for a second term of a majority Liberal government.


Ms O'CONNOR - Point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker, going to relevance under 45.  I asked the Premier whether or not he will condemn Senators Abetz, Duniam and Bushby for the chaos they caused last week.


Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - Ms O'Connor, you know it is not an opportunity to repeat the question.  The Premier has the call and he is responding to the question.


Mr HODGMAN - Mr Deputy Speaker, I accept that many people would be discomfited by what occurred last week.  Tasmanians want to see good strong, stable, majority government getting on with the job of delivering and focusing on the people we serve and not on ourselves.  That is what we are about.


Ms O'Connor - Abetz, Duniam - that is exactly what happened last week.  Your self-indulgent, disgraceful colleagues.


Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - Order, Ms O'Connor.


Mr HODGMAN - All last week and again today it has been personal, petty attacks by opposition members not focusing on matters of substance.  That is what we have seen again today.  It is what Tasmanians do not like.

They want to see us focusing on things that are important to them, such as improving our health system, investing in education, keeping cost of living pressures down, and fixing our budget so that we can do those things:  supporting Tasmania's strong economic growth and keeping Tasmania's business community as confident as it is and the best way we can do that for them is delivering on our plan, providing political stability and -


Ms O'CONNOR - Point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker.  I ask you to draw the Premier's attention to the question, which related to the actions of his federal colleagues, Senators Abetz, Duniam and Bushby.


Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - It is not a point of order.  I draw your attention to the Standing Order that says you should not interject.  You cannot have it both ways.  Premier, please continue.


Mr HODGMAN - Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker.  We are providing strong, stable government that is delivering.  We have a lot more to do and we are focusing on that.

I congratulate the new Prime Minister with whom I have had a good conversation about what are important issues for our state.  I congratulate the new assistant minister, Senator Richard Colbeck.  It is a positive development for Tasmania to have Senator Colbeck back in the ministry, which will allow Tasmania to not only continue to have a strong voice among the Coalition Government but will allow him to focus on areas with which we have shared objectives, improving the output in our agricultural sector most notably.

I congratulate and thank Malcolm Turnbull for the excellent job he did as our nation's Prime Minister.  I look forward to working with the new Government.