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TasPorts - Fuel Ship Operations

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 1 December 2022

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Ms O'CONNOR - I'm interested in the fuel ship operations for the port. I think this is actually an operational question. Shell is the controlling body, as we understand it, of unloading fuel ships at TasPorts; is that right? What is the situation? Do they use subcontractors on the site or are they TasPorts subcontractors?

Mr DONALD - We've got four locations in Tasmania where fuel enters the state and each location is primarily associated with a different fuel company. Each of them have subcontractor arrangements for distribution and for stevedoring and management of their terminal.

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you. I'm very interested in Tasmania Fire Service's role in the unloading of fuel ships. Can you confirm that TFS employees are subcontracted and that they work in TFS uniforms using TFS equipment?

Mr DONALD - That would be something I would be unable to comment on.

Ms O'CONNOR - So who oversees that?

Mr DONALD - That would be a matter for the fuel company and their terminal. Those companies are responsible for their own services. We are responsible for providing infrastructure services.

Ms O'CONNOR - Okay, that's interesting.

Mr DONALD - We don't have any lens on that.

Mr BRADFORD - [inaudible] have the lease, so they would determine that.

Ms O'CONNOR - So TasPorts has no line of sight on who the subcontractors are to the fuel companies? The information we have from a TFS employee is that TFS staff are wearing TFS uniforms and using TFS equipment, subcontracted when the fuel ships come in - but you do not know anything about that?

Mr DONALD - That would not be a matter for us.