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TasPorts - Macquarie Point Stadium

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 1 December 2022

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Ms O'CONNOR - I wonder if TasPorts was consulted about the proposed stadium at Macquarie Point? Or like the rest of the people of Hobart, minister, they too woke up to news of the stadium on the front page of the Mercury.

Mr FERGUSON - I'm happy to answer that, Ms O'Connor. TasPorts was consulted during the process of Government giving consideration to a preferred site for a stadium. Chair, do you want to elaborate or confirm or add to that?

Mr DONALD - I might add that we've been working in close relationship with all parties around the precinct for a number of years. We were very comfortable with a lot of the commitments that had previously been agreed, particularly around access and egress to the port. Our protection of the port secure zone is an interest to us. We're happy to report that we believe the two can coexist in harmony.

Ms O'CONNOR - So a 23 000 or more capacity stadium right next door to a working port with lots of heavy machinery is all fine, you think?

Mr BRADFORD - We couldn't see any issues.

Ms O'CONNOR - Okay.

Mr DONALD - By comparison the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne has a higher traffic count adjacent to that stadium than we will ever see here. We have been very prudent in our assessment of the interface.

Mr BRADFORD - Another exciting development for cruise passengers to have a look at the new stadium. All positive.

Ms O'CONNOR - Exciting? So, it's about cruise ships and passengers on cruise ships rather than how the locals think?

Mr BRADFORD - I am saying it's an exciting development for the cruise passengers. I was talking to them yesterday as they walked around Hobart. They loved it.