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TasWater – Muirs Beach

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 1 December 2021

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Dr WOODRUFF - I have a question about Muirs Beach at Coles Bay and the sewage in the creek that crosses Muirs Beach. I understand this has a long history. We were contacted, as well as other members, recently by the Freycinet group about this issue. I am referring to an email from Scott Burton, who is the senior environmental health officer in the Department of Health. He mentions at the bottom of his email to the Freycinet group that Public Health has correspondence from the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport in which they've highlighted and supported the concerns about the impacts associated with the failing on site wastewater treatment service in Coles Bay.

They request that current strategic planning by TasWater for reticulated sewage treatment in the area be brought forward. There was $8.4 million from the Government to fund stage 1 of sewage treatment plant upgrades in that area. Can you please tell me where the process is up to with the sewage treatment plant and the reticulated water supply?

Mr BREWSTER - The initial funding was for a report. We did the report. There were a number of recommendations in that report. I think the long term result was that consideration be given to putting in a sewered supply, but that was probably eight to 10 years away, from recollection, and that it would need the support of the customers because a lot of customers will not necessarily be in support of that. There would need to be quite a process.

We will probably have to take the Trail Head upgrade question on notice. It has gone out of my head for a moment.

Dr WOODRUFF - What do you mean by the Trail Head upgrade?

Mr BREWSTER - The planned upgrade was not to provide sewerage services into Coles Bay in this stage, it was to address issues in the national park, from recollection.

Dr WOODRUFF - That's right, it was. It was Coles Bay area and it was the Wineglass Bay/Freycinet Peninsula area. Where is it up to now, on behalf of residents who are concerned about the potential sewage contamination in Muirs Creek?

Mr BREWSTER - I am happy to take on notice the question about the upgrade for the national parks, I can look into where that is at. We have no other sewerage-related infrastructure upgrades planned for Coles Bay.

Dr WOODRUFF - Is it a council issue?

Mr BREWSTER - Council is focused on more tightly regulating the septic tanks and the systems on site. It wasn't clear cut from the surveys we did that a large proportion of the people wanted the town to be sewered. That is a process that will have to be gone through at some point, because not everybody will want a TasWater bill.