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TCT Roadkill Survey

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tags: Native Wildlife

Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

That the House - 

1.     Acknowledge the recent release of the Tasmanian Conservation Trust survey and report regarding Roadkill in Tasmania entitled –

‘Roadkill: A survey of state road authorities and local government’.

2.     Notes the report surveyed major state road managers including Hydro Tasmania, State Growth, Parks and Wildlife and Forestry Tasmania, as well as local councils.

3.     Notes that Roadkill is a major cause of death and injury to native wildlife in Tasmania.  It is estimated that 293000 animals are killed per year, that’s around 32 animals per hour and an average of 1 per Tasmanian driver per year.

4.     Recognise and consider the recommendations from the TCT report, including;

a)     A more collaborative, systematic, strategic approach to mitigating and managing roadkill.

b)    More frequent removal of roadkill.

c)     More signage giving phone numbers for removal or care

d)    Longer-term funding for carer networks.

e)     Community awareness and engagement programs, particularly around hotspots and advising how to avoid hitting animals. 

f)      A centralised, publicly-accessible database of roadkill statistics and hotspots.

5.     Calls on the government to provide the tools to implement appropriate and effective roadkill reduction strategies in Tasmania.