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Time to ban gillnet fishing

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tags: Marine Environment

That this House:

1. Notes that recreational gillnet fishing is banned in most other Australian states because it results in deaths of seabirds, mammals and fish that are discarded by fishers.

2. Recognises that in areas that have stopped gillnet fishing, such as Georges Bay in St Helens, local fishers have noticed increases in fish numbers.

3. Welcomes the community campaign that is calling for a ban on gillnets in Tasmania and includes environment groups, fishing groups, tourism businesses and diving businesses.

4. Notes that continuing to allow recreational gillnetting while imposing bag and size limits on other fishing methods undermines those conservation attempts.

5. Calls on the Minister for Primary Industries and Water to implement a rapid phase-out of recreational gillnet fishing through all Tasmanian waters.