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Tourism on Bruny Island Threatens Environment and Serenity if Council and Government Don't Act

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tags: Bruny Island, Tourism, Environment, Threatened Species, Ferries

Rosalie Woodruff On tomorrow to move—

That the House:—
(1) Acknowledges the concerns of many Bruny Island residents about the dramatic increase in tourism numbers and the impact of this on the local community and environment.
(2) Understands members of the community are concerned that very large increases in visitor numbers, in part attributable to increased ferry services to the Island, have not been accompanied by an increase in essential services or facilities to support them.
(3) Recognises that while the tourism boom may provide short-term financial benefits to some members of the community, the resulting pressures are threatening to overwhelm the very qualities of unspoilt natural beauty that make Bruny Island so special.
(4) Further understands that these pressures are putting at risk the ability of the Island to continue to attract tourists, the quality of life for permanent residents, and Tasmania’s capacity to provide safe habitat for protected and threatened plants and animals.
(5) Further recognises that without appropriate management strategies, a business-asusual approach risks stretching Bruny Islanders and the environment beyond its tourism carrying capacity.
(6) Further understands that a large measure of responsibility for acting on some of these issues rests with the Kingborough Council, however, the State Government’s tourism campaigns and the provision of a second ferry, also means the Liberal Government should bear some responsibility, and contribute some additional resourcing, towards addressing the impacts that this spike in tourist numbers is causing.
(7) Calls on the Government to work with the Kingborough Council to implement a number of measures that the residents have documented and made available to Council calling for relief of some of the pressures facing Bruny Island.