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Tourism – Cable Car

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 5 June 2023

Tags: Cable Car, kunanyi/Mt Wellington, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - In your state of the state Address, despite the fact that it was rejected by the Hobart City Council, the planning commission and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, you recommitted to a cable car on kunanyi. Why, like the stadium, are you so dismissive of proper planning processes, the wishes of the palawa people and also the broad Hobart community, which has gathered in thousands to reject the cable car? And what process will you use to try to jam it through against public wishes and good planning?

Mr ROCKLIFF - There will always need to be good planning.

Ms O'CONNOR - Yes, but the planning commission reached a verdict on the cable car.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Yes, I did confirm in my State of the State Address support for a cable car. We know that the tourism industry is largely supportive of sustainable transport and we are supportive of sustainable transport options. We are currently seeking advice from the Department of State Growth on options to develop a pathway to support the cable car progressing but we are committed -

Ms O'CONNOR - What will those options be? That's the question.

Mr ROCKLIFF - We are exploring that but what I'm interested in is sustainable low impact transport.

Ms O'CONNOR - But you're not interested in the Aboriginal people's wishes or the Planning Commission's verdict.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Absolutely I am. I'm very interested.

Ms O'CONNOR - But you're prepared to ignore it.

Mr ROCKLIFF - I'm very sensitive to our First Nations people and their views and the planning process, but we still see cableways installed in iconic locations around the globe where sensitive environmental conditions exist. We still have the challenge of accessibility, the challenge of vehicles going up and down the mountain, and if we could find a way of supporting low-impact -

Ms O'CONNOR - Fast-tracking it. That's what you're talking about, fast-tracking it outside a proper planning process.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Ms O'Connor, some of the greenest, environmentally sustainable places have point-of-interest cableways - that's why they have them.

Ms O'CONNOR - Do you want us to be just like everywhere else? With every gimcrack tourism idea that comes along?

Mr ROCKLIFF - No, I don't, but we can be unique in everything we do. What I'm saying -

Ms O'CONNOR - Nothing unique about a cable car.

Mr ROCKLIFF - whether it be Cradle Mountain or Mount Wellington -

Ms O'CONNOR - kunanyi.

Mr ROCKLIFF - or kunanyi, we still have the challenge of people accessing the mountain in an environmentally sustainable way. I'm interested in low-impact, sustainable transport options for the many thousands of people that will continue to come to Tasmania.

Ms O'CONNOR - It's not low impact.