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Trade - Aquaculture

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 9 September 2021

Tags: Fish Farms, State Budget, Trade

Dr WOODRUFF - Minister, brand authenticity is becoming increasingly scrutinised by consumers, but also by companies that are selling products and services. They have to be able to demonstrate that. Today in The Australian they have reported Woolworths has expressed concern at claims that Tasmania's salmon industry certification may not be fit for purpose. That large supermarket giant is closely reviewing the issue after the independent report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund concluded the Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification was not designed to prevent damage to the environment and has not prevented damage to the environment in Tasmania.

This is an escalating problem and although the Government might not be concerned to regulate for an authentic brand, it is consumers who will ultimately decide what they purchase and they want authenticity.

Are you really concerned at the damage that has been done to Tasmania's brand - not just salmon brand - but by flow on from the failure to regulate and protect the environment and communities?

Mr BARNETT - I thank the member for her question and I draw your attention to and the question on salmon and draw that to the committee's attention. Of course, I am delighted to talk about salmon and the importance of the sustainable salmon industry and our support for it. I could speak further about it, but I am also cognisant of other members around the table who want to ask questions about trade.

I also take on board your comment about the brand.

Dr WOODRUFF - It is totally about trade. It is a huge export.

CHAIR - Just because you believe it is part of the trade portfolio does not actually make it relevant to

Dr WOODRUFF - It is about a huge export industry for Tasmania. There is no way you can say this is not about trade.

Mr BARNETT - I thank the member for her question and indicate that brand and Brand Tasmania is very important. The Tasmanian brand is important and there are key ingredients of success in terms of the Tasmanian brand. Key ingredients like being pure and natural, clean and the Tasmanian brand is strong. In my view, the sustainable salmon industry can and should be part of the Tasmanian brand.

It is important the public, including those on the mainland that read today's Australian newspaper story are aware we have a sustainable industry in Tasmania and we have compliance measures, transparency measures, framework which ensures sustainability. In terms of accreditation by relevant conservation organisations of various assembling companies that is clearly a matter for them, but in terms of this Government and our plans for a sustainable salmon industry we remain strong and steadfast.

Dr WOODRUFF - The salmon industry is -

CHAIR - Dr Woodruff, Ms Dow, Dr Broad, no more questions. Mr Tucker has the call.