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Treasury – Office of the Coordinator-General

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 23 November 2020

Tags: Coordinator-General

Ms O'CONNOR - Page 313, State Growth of Budget Paper No 2, Volume 1, these are questions I can also ask the Minister for State Growth if he'll give a straight answer, talks about the Office of the Coordinator-General, an investment facilitated by the office at Table 11.3 in Performance Measures. In 2017 18, the Office of the Coordinator-General managed to sell off $378 million worth of something in Tasmania. In the last financial year that's more than $300 million extra. The table says that the Office of the Coordinator-General has facilitated $673 million of investment. Do you know what that relates to?

Mr GUTWEIN - I don't believe that it's selling off anything. I think that's about attracting investment into certain projects. I don't have a breakdown. I suggest that you put that question to the Minister for State Growth. The only correction I would make was your point about having sold off $378 million -

Ms O'CONNOR - Of something?

Mr GUTWEIN - No, that's about attracting investment into the state, into projects and development that he was involved in. I am sure the Minister for State Growth can you provide you with a breakdown on those numbers.

Ms O'CONNOR - I'll be surprised if he does, but thank you. In table 11.3, Administered Expenses, I ask this question of you as a shareholder minister in Forestry Tasmania. In 2019-20 there is $10 million and then it moves to $8 million each year in the out-years -

Mr GUTWEIN - Which page are you on?