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Treasury - Rent Assistance and Housing Services

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 6 September 2021

Tags: Housing, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - Treasurer, I have some questions to ask for Shelter Tasmania, the peak body for housing and homelessness. Their first question is, how much commonwealth rent assistance was received in Tasmania in 2020-21? If you don't have that information can I put it on notice?

Mr GUTWEIN - NGOs manage the housing stock, which is why we transferred the housing stock to them and commonwealth rent assistance inflows. I'll see if we can find it.

Ms O'CONNOR - Shelter Tasmania is aware that the Tasmanian Government has committed to funding the equal remuneration order for specialist homelessness services in 2021-22. Has funding for the ERO been allocated through the forward Estimates?

Mr FERRALL - Yes, it has.

Ms O'CONNOR - Yes, it has. Do you know where I could find that or Shelter could find that?

Mr GUTWEIN - It will be built into the grants arrangements for Communities Tas. It would be across departments depending on where grants flowed from.

Ms O'CONNOR - The commitment is there?


Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you. Can the Premier and Treasurer confirm that future indexation for the sector will be adequate to cover CPI and annual wage increases, including superannuation increases, through the forward Estimates?

Mr GUTWEIN - I'd have to look at what the current indexation rates. I am not sure. I am happy to take that on notice and provide you with as sensible an answer as I can.

Ms O'CONNOR - Okay. The last question on this issue from Shelter Tas -

Mr GUTWEIN - NGO funding is indexed at 2.5 per cent. Your question was broader than that regarding underlying costs. We'll try to come back to you with an answer.

Ms O'CONNOR - The last question from Shelter for now. The Tasmanian Government received $317.2 million in conveyancing duties this year, which includes a $48.5 million windfall above expected revenue. Will any of these additional funds be allocated to social housing homes and homelessness services that are so desperately needed?

Mr GUTWEIN - That revenue goes to the general government sector. A percentage of that washes around within government and funds the current programs that we have. There is no hypothecation of that into the sector.