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TT-Line – EGMs

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Tags: TT-Line, Pokies

Ms O'CONNOR - I want to talk about the number of EGMs on the Spirit of Tasmania, the exact number as at this date, and also the revenue from those machines in the past financial year and how that's changed. Then I would like to talk about the changes to the monopoly deed and how that might affect the Spirit. I think TT-Line has made a mistake in putting those parasitic machines on the vessels, but it is what it is.

Mr DWYER - Currently it is 18 machines per ship. The machines are under a separate act. They're not part of the current act. I think it's from the Victoria-Tasmania act, so I don't want to jump too quickly to the monopoly. I don't think that has an impact on the ships at all. What was the second part of the first question?

Ms O'CONNOR - It's so long ago now, Mr Dwyer, I'm not sure I remember, but what was the revenue earned from those machines in the past financial year?

Mr DWYER - I might ask our CFO if we have those figures. We get a royalty off them so we don't actually take the actual gaming revenue. It's sublicensed to a company called Admiral Casinos, which is in the public domain.

Ms O'CONNOR - Can we put that on notice?

Mr FERGUSON - We can take that on notice. I think Mr Dwyer is hinting that we may or may not have access to those figures, but if we can know what the royalty payments are we might be able to backwards calculate.

Ms SAYERS - I would be able to get our royalty payments, not the turnover of those machines. That's not our -

Ms O'CONNOR - Is it possible to have associated with that the costs of the lease of those machines so we can see what it costs the company and what the revenue is to the company?

Mr DWYER - There is no cost to the machines. Admirals is the subcontractor and supplies the machines.

Ms SAYERS - It is different to how the pubs and clubs in Tasmania operate. It is a very different operating model.

Ms O'CONNOR - What is the percentage the TT-Line takes off the takings?

Ms SAYERS - I don't know what that percentage is. I can give you the dollar figure of revenue that we got in that financial year. Not off the top of my head but I can take that on notice.

Ms O'CONNOR - In terms of the jurisdictional rules that would apply, are the EGMs on the ship subject to Victorian harm minimisation laws, or Tasmanian harm minimisation laws? How do you minimise the harm?

Mr DWYER - That's under the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission. It manages the machines on that ship directly with the Admirals operator.

Ms O'CONNOR - One more question on this line of questioning. I've been really well-behaved at the table, Chair.

CHAIR - We thank you for it.

Ms O'CONNOR - I want to understand what sort of planning the board is making for potential changes to the operating framework. I accept what you say about the 36 EGMs on the two ships operating under their own act -

Mr DWYER - Eighteen per ship.

Ms O'CONNOR - Is there any plan on the company's part to expand the number of EGMs on the vessels and with the new vessels?

Mr DWYER - No.