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TT-Line - Gambling

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 1 December 2022

Tags: TT-Line, Pokies, Gambling Industry

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, the 2021-22 annual report states that in June 2021 the third party operator terminated the contract with the company in relation to leasing of the gaming area aboard both vessels, with no penalties for early release of the licence and agreement. Does this relate to all gambling on TT Line vessels? Are you able to update the committee on whether there is gaming on the machines at the moment, who the operator is and what the plan is going forward?

Mr FERGUSON - Sure. I'll ask the team from TT Line in a moment to fill in any gaps I leave behind but there is no electronic gaming machines on either Spirit tonight or today.

Ms O'CONNOR - Yay!

Mr FERGUSON - They were removed, I think, over a year ago, and there was also a bit of public announcement around that at the time. Additionally, although it's outside this scrutiny, I seem to recall that we removed those provisions in the future gaming legislation as well about one year ago. Michael or Bernard, do you have anything further? I think that's cleaned it up pretty well, hasn't it?

Mr DWYER - I can certainly add to that, minister. We have handed our licence back, we don't want or need the licence, and going forward with the new vessels there won't be gaming on them at all.

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you, Mr Dwyer. What was the basis for that decision not to proceed with EGMs on the new ships?

Mr DWYER - Really just confirmation of the current vessels as well. The operator didn't want to continue operating those gaming machines and we decided that the product we can offer on the new ships going forward is much more attuned to our market, not necessarily requiring gaming going forward to our particular market.

Ms O'CONNOR - Is it fair to say that in terms of the revenue those EGMs provided to TT Line, it wasn't particularly profitable for the company?

Mr DWYER - It was profitable, but going forward we would see that the mix of services and entertainment for our guests on the new vessels don't need that.

Ms O'CONNOR - Bit classier, eh? What's the entertainment brand that we're talking about on the new ships?

Mr DWYER - It is certainly attuned to the new markets that we have, with more younger families travelling on the vessels. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with gaming but it just doesn't really fit our market for our passengers going forward.

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you.