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TT-Line - Integrated Transport

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 1 December 2022

Tags: TT-Line, Public Transport

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you, Acting Chair. Minister, I'm interested in - and in fact this fits in with your work as Minister for Transport and Infrastructure as well - the lack of an integrated transport approach at both Geelong and the terminal in Devonport. Are you, or one of the gentlemen at the table, able to tell the committee what plans there are for more integrated transport? Because, as we understand it, it's a $15 shuttle bus to Geelong, and then the Redline service may be ending in February next year from Devonport. Is that correct? Not everyone gets on the ship in a car. So, integrated transport at either end of the ferry's journey.

Mr FERGUSON - Okay, I feel like Redline have already ceased that service or announced it some considerable time ago. They did a trial service. Unless things have changed and they've continued it - Ms O'Connor, you suggest that it's in place until February, I think you may have said. That's just not something I have a current brief on here at this table.

Ms O'CONNOR - Okay.

Mr FERGUSON - I'd be quite comfortable discussing it in general terms that Redline had a service which was outside the general access provision of their contract with State Growth. That was the level of my knowledge without the relevant department advisors by my side. Bernard, do you have anything that you could share with the committee, otherwise we'll take it on notice.

Also, Bernard, when you answer you might go directly to the Geelong side as well.

Ms O'CONNOR - I'm not certain about the dates. It's more a broader question about the need for integrated public transport at either port.

Mr DWYER - From a Geelong perspective we've already organised a bus service in and out of Geelong to take people from the terminal to Geelong. It's about five or 10 minutes. I'm not sure where the $15 comes from, whether that's a coach from the middle of Melbourne perhaps?

Ms O'CONNOR - Maybe.

Mr DWYER - There are coach services from the middle of Melbourne. There're the train services from Melbourne to stations either side of Corio Quay. We've talked with the Geelong Council about their pick-up/drop-off service they have to different car parks around Geelong to include the Spirit of Tasmania quay in that loop so people who get off the ship can jump on to that to go into the middle of Geelong. We're very conscious of our foot passengers.

There is a taxi, and a coach service to and from the Devonport terminal as well.

Ms O'CONNOR - There's never a shortage of public transport or transport options in a place like Melbourne but there is here. Is there an arrangement with Redline or a bus service to regularly come? Or is that not seen as something that TT-Line needs to organise?

Mr DWYER - It's not something that we get involved in organising, but I can tell you there's bus outside there every day that I see in Devonport that I'm aware of.

Ms O'CONNOR - Every day that the ship comes in -

Mr DWYER - Which is every day.

Ms O'CONNOR - The Redline is there?

Mr DWYER - I'm not sure if it's only Redline.

Ms O'CONNOR - Okay.

Mr DWYER - I'm seeing what we can find.

We can always, through the minister, take it on notice about Redline, and give an update on what the current services are.

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, as you okay with that?

Mr FERGUSON - I am. I think that's the way to go. There are government-contracted services and I'm aware that Redline, for a period, had a service that stood on its own without being a contracted service. I would like to get accurate information back to you. I'll take my own advice from State Growth, together with TT Line. If you're happy with the Geelong answer so far?