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Veteran Affairs - RSL Tasmania

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 9 September 2021

Tags: Veterans, State Budget

Dr WOODRUFF - As part of providing for health and wellbeing for returned soldiers, it's very important to have a place. There's been a conversation, it's something the Greens supported in our election package, about establishing a wellbeing centre in Huonville that would be run by RSL Tasmania. I understand the situation is that the RSL building run by the now dissolved Huonville sub branch was gifted to the Huonville sub branch by the Tasmanian Government and there is an exchange that needs to happen to RSL Tasmania and some financial support and investment into a wellbeing centre. Is that something you're actively progressing or looking at?

Mr BARNETT - Yes. I can share a little more. Thank you for asking the question. We have had discussions in recent weeks with the acting president of RSL Tasmania and the executive director. RSL Tasmania has requested the transfer of the title of the old Huon RSL sub branch building in Huonville to the state branch. RSL Tasmania advise that their intention is to place a part time veterans outreach service in the sub branch building, following due process of assessment, which included the provision of a business case by RSL Tasmania. I understand the transfer has now progressed.

I note that the proposed transfer is a matter for the minister responsible for Crown Lands, which is not myself. That would be Ms Petrusma. I will see if the department has any further update on that matter. But, yes, it is progressing. We have assisted and supported RSL Tasmania to progress that over a good long period of time. There were some legal issues in that transfer. I will check with Ms Kent if there is anything further to advise.

Ms KENT - I think that is the most up to date, it has certainly been an active issue that we've been working through with Crown Lands, so it is close to being -

Dr WOODRUFF - There would be a part-time presence there, is that the idea at the moment?

Mr BARNETT - That is a matter for RSL Tasmania, so it is best to talk to them. Yes, the intention was a part time veteran outreach. You need to check with RSL Tasmania as to their future plans.