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Waste Management

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tags: Container Deposit Scheme, Waste

Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

That the House -

1.      Congratulates South Australia on their recent celebration of 40 years of cash for containers and their long-standing commitment to recycling.

2.      Notes that around the world, cash for containers schemes see recycling rates for beverage packaging of around 80%. This compares to Tasmania’s low rate of 15%.  Recycling plays a vital part in sustainable waste management.

3.      Notes that Tasmania also has the worst recycling rates in the country.  Kerbside recycling rates are lower than other states, industrial recovery rates are terrible, and construction and demolition recovery rates are virtually non-existent.

4.      Acknowledges that in the 2015 EPA report both Tasmania’s Waste Advisory committee and the local government general meeting recommended the establishment of a landfill waste levy, but this government has not progressed the opportunity to take this up, missing the opportunity to reduce waste, improve recovery rates, and create employment opportunities in waste management.

5.      Congratulates the Hobart city council, and Alderman’s Bill Harvey and Phillip Cocker, for leading the way and passing a motion on phasing out single use takeaway plastic packaging.

6.      Recognise that Tasmania needs an overarching strategy to deal with waste management and recycling, and that the government should not simply leave it to councils to take the lead in an ad-hoc fashion, that will leave some areas of the state benefiting from sustainable waste management structures processes, and too many areas left behind.