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Water Quality

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tags: TasWater, Health, Environment, Water Quality

That this House:

1.       Notes the alarming report published in March 2015, which indicated towns in Tasmania’s north-east have the worst water quality in Australia, revealing heavy metal contaminations levels recorded in their drinking water of up to 50 times the allowable limit;

2.       The indignation with which the Treasurer refused to accept responsibility during Estimates for the clear obligation of TasWater to replace its contaminated infrastructure;

3.       That boil water alerts are useless to residents as boiling does not rid drinking water of lead;

4.       Notes with concern that the Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment have ceased regular testing for chemical contamination at 51 sites in water catchments around Tasmania;

5.       Understands the regular testing regime has been in place since 2005, which detected agricultural chemicals such as Triazines and MCPA in Tasmanian catchments;

6.       Acknowledges that the Liberal Government’s decision to only test some sites at peak chemical use time, will risk missing significant contamination events and will provide no information regarding residue levels in catchments that feed into Tasmanian drinking water; and

7.       Calls on the Liberal Government to reassure the Tasmanian public that their health is a priority and not simply a spanner in the Budget works, by reinstigating regular water testing within DPIPWE and replacing affected TasWater infrastructure as a matter of urgency.