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WorkSafe - Reports of Injuries caused by Protesters

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 2 June 2022

Tags: WorkSafe, Protest


Yesterday, the Magistrates Court heard that WorkSafe warned an Exeter sawmill about its unguarded conveyor belts one month before a worker got his hand lodged in one of them for up to 10 minutes. He suffered severe injuries. The court was also told the employee received no training regarding the hazards of unguarded belts, had not been shown how to turn off the chipper room's belt, nor shown how the correct isolation procedure. Since 2014, how many incidents have been reported to WorkSafe where protests have caused injuries to workers or protesters? In the same time period, how many incidents in logging operations or sawmills have been reported to WorkSafe that have caused injury to employees? Has your Government been so focused on vilifying environmental activists that the health and safety of Tasmanians have been put at risk?



Mr Speaker, I thank the Greens member for Franklin, Dr Woodruff, for her question. In relation to that case before the Magistrates Court I know that the sentence is pending and it is not my practice to comment or reflect on a court decision, particularly as it is pending and not completely over.

The member in her question has referred to a number of matters. I do not have the data with me today but I am willing to either come back into the House if I have that information by the end of the day, or provide it to the member either next week at Estimates or in writing, whichever she would prefer, and I will get those statistics for her.

Dr Woodruff - Into the House would be great, thanks, minister.

Ms ARCHER - As for the remaining part of the question that was loaded, I am not going to reflect on a debate of this House in relation to the workplace protections legislation and the Police Offences Act because that is not under my jurisdiction either as Attorney-General. What I will do is refer to her specific questions on statistics and get back to her.

Dr Woodruff - Today?

Ms ARCHER - I said if I am able to get those statistics today, I will, otherwise I will provide it to you at a later date, but as soon as possible.