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In Parliament

  • First Reading

    Bill presented by Dr Woodruff and read the first time.

  • Dr Woodruff presented a petition signed by approximately 471 citizens of 
    Tasmania praying that the House call on the Liberal and Labor parties to 
    respect the wishes of the community rather than their corporate donors and 
    to remove all poker machines from Pembroke's pubs and clubs. 

    Petition received.

  • Ms DAWKINS (Bass) - Mr Speaker, I rise tonight to talk about Able 
    Australia and a couple of community projects that are happening and will 
    happen in Launceston in the next couple of weeks. Able Australia has been 
    in Australia for 50 years and was born of a desire for parents of children 
    who were deaf and blind or suffering the effects of rubella to find more 
    community connection. Of course 50 years ago there wasn't the 
    understanding that there is today that people who need additional support 

  • [6.05 p.m.]
    Ms O'CONNOR (Denison - Leader of the Greens) - Mr Speaker, I wish to share 
    with the House a really fantastic group of students, their teacher and 
    Holly Sluiter [TBC] from the Salvation Army and Communities for Children 
    who came along on Monday to present to me some of the work they have been 
    doing on community safety. They came to my office having been to see my 
    colleague, Mr Bacon, and giving a similar presentation to him. Certainly 
    the students from East Derwent Primary School and everyone who worked with 

  • Second Reading

    [5.08 p.m.]
    Ms DAWKINS (Bass - 2R) - Mr Acting Deputy Speaker, I move -

    That the bill be now read the second time.

    I rise today to make a plea for unity in the House to put the pulp mill 
    permits for the Long Reach site in the Tamar Valley to bed once and for 
    all and to repeal the Pulp Mill Assessment Act. There is nothing to be 
    gained from continuing the pretence that there could be a state-of-the-art, 
    closed-loop, mechanical pulp mill in Tasmania. It was never on the cards 

  • Ms DAWKINS question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

    [10.58 a.m.]
    Greg Farrell has stated recently, he will be donating to both the Liberals 
    and Labor to help articulate your gambling policies during the next state 
    election campaign and also, no doubt, to help you articulate on behalf of 
    the Federal Group.

    In May this year, the Greens wrote to you, the Opposition Leader and to 
    your parties' executives, calling on both parties not to accept donations 

  • Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

    [10.28 a.m.]
    Yesterday when we asked you about the $30 000 in donations from a foreign 
    company with close links to the Chinese Communist government, which ASIO 
    warned about, you said it was a matter for the administrative wing of the 
    party. You refused to accept any responsibility and squarely pointed the 
    finger back at Liberal state director Sam McQuestin. During the Mantach 
    scandal, it was established that if you sit on the party executive, you 

  • Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

    [10.06 a.m.]
    At this moment there are more than 600 desperate asylum seekers on Manus 
    Island being denied food, water, shelter and safety by your federal 
    colleague, Peter Dutton, who has repeatedly demonised and mischaracterised 
    them and continues to lie about their circumstances. Tasmanian Greens 
    Senator, Nick McKim, is on Manus Island, bearing witness -

    Members interjecting. 

  • Ms O'CONNOR (Denison - Leader of the Greens - Motion) - Mr Speaker, I move

    That the House take note of the following matter: the impact of the 
    cruise ship industry on Tasmania. 

    We thought it was important the House be given an opportunity to talk 
    about the impact of the cruise ship industry on Tasmania and the 
    environment and that is why we brought on this matter of public importance 
    today. Ultimately, the question we asked this morning of the Minister for 


    [10.46 a.m.]
    Cruise ships berthing in Hobart increased from 32 to 48 last season and 
    are expected to exceed 60 this year. The majority will use heavy fuel oil 
    known as bunker fuel. Bunker fuel is the sludge that remains at the 
    bottom of a barrel of crude oil. It contains concentrated sulphur and 
    heavy metals, outputting sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, 


    [10.17 a.m.]
    Yesterday in Greens' private members' time, you told parliament that Gunns 
    receiver and manager KordaMentha had written to you on 11 September, six 
    weeks ago, asking you to surrender the pulp mill permits, yet you chose to 
    keep that information secret from the people in the Tamar Valley in your 
    electorate of Bass. It was not until the Greens made the parliament aware 

  • [11.34 a.m.]

    Dr WOODRUFF (Franklin) - Mr Speaker, it is a shameful performance from both the Labor and the Liberal parties in this instance.  The Labor Party has raised some very important questions but it seems to be more about playing the politics than understanding the complexity of the situation.  It is a fair point to point the finger at this Liberal minister and this Liberal Government, but we need to understand that it is more than just about the situation at the Royal Hobart Hospital.


  • Able Australia - Community Projects

  • Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

    [10.38 a.m.]

    Your answer to the Greens' first question was typically evasive.  Why did the Tasmanian Liberal Party, which you lead, accept $30 000 from foreign donors after ASIO's warning to your federal counterparts?  Do you support the state Liberals' decision to accept this money despite ASIO's warning and security concerns?  What do you believe the Yuhu Group billionaire founder Mr Huang Xiangmo expects from your party in return for his investment?



    [10.42 a.m.]

  • Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

    [10.09 a.m.]
    The entire country now knows a bad law brought in by your Government has led to a landmark High Court decision affirming the right to peaceful protest, the right to stand up to protect the environment. Environmentalists and unionist all over Australia are thanking you for giving Bob Brown and Jessica Hoyt the opportunity to affirm this fundamental right and freedom of political expression in our democracy.