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In Parliament

  • That the House notes:

    1. The Final Report into Sex Offence Sentencing released by the Sentencing Advisory Council on 9 September 2015 and the fifteen recommendations made in that report.

  • That this House:

    1. Notes that Threatened Species Day was marked on 7 September this year.

    2. Calls on the government to update the state-wide strategy on threatened species which is now 15 years old.

    3. Calls on the government to review all out-of-date recovery plans for the close to 640 plants and animals on our threatened species list.

    4. Calls on the government to develop and release a timetable to prepare recovery plans for the animals and plants that do not currently have plans.

  • Tuesday 25 August 2015


    [10.55 a.m.]

  • Thursday 20 August 2015


    [10.48 a.m.]


    Thursday, 27 August 2015

    Andrea Dawkins MP on tomorrow to move -

    That this House notes:

    1.      That approximately 1 animal every 2 minutes is killed on Tasmanian roads, which equates to at least 300,000 animals annually, including 3,000 Tasmanian devils;

    2.      That many of these animals are not killed instantly, but critically injured, limping away to die slowly and painfully;

  • That this House:

    1. Notes that recreational gillnet fishing is banned in most other Australian states because it results in deaths of seabirds, mammals and fish that are discarded by fishers.

    2. Recognises that in areas that have stopped gillnet fishing, such as Georges Bay in St Helens, local fishers have noticed increases in fish numbers.

    3. Welcomes the community campaign that is calling for a ban on gillnets in Tasmania and includes environment groups, fishing groups, tourism businesses and diving businesses.


    That this House:

    1.     Condemns the federal Liberal government for their inhumane asylum seeker policy, particularly their "turn back the boats" rhetoric;

    2.     Understands that the callous approach taken by the Liberal Party - and backed by the Labor Party - is much to the abhorrence of humanists Australia-wide;

    3.     Commends the work of the group 'Love Makes a Way' who include members of the Anglican, Baptist and Uniting churches as well as the Salvation Army;

  • That this House:

    1. Agrees that Tasmania is the safest state in the nation.

    2. Notes the release of the Sentencing Advisory Council draft report into the Hodgman Liberals’ policy to abolish suspended sentences.

    3. Acknowledges the Council’s warning that if suspended sentences are abolished without non-custodial alternatives, Tasmania’s prison population could triple.

    4. Recognises that all the evidence shows suspended sentences are an important mechanism for preventing crime and keeping our community safer.

  • That this House:

    1.     Congratulates the Generation Netball Club for taking out the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous game of netball, playing for 72 hours in Launceston last month;

    2.     Recognises that the 24 girls from the Club smashed the previous record, held since 2011 by a Canadian team, by 11 hours;

    3.     Acknowledges the sustained effort of all the girls involved in the world recording breaking match, with each taking to the court for up to 4 hours at a time;

  • That this House notes:

    1.     The recent University of Tasmania report evaluating the social, cultural and economic contribution to the community of the Australian Live Music Industries;

    2.     That a detailed model of consumer spending estimated the Live Music Industries contributed approximately $15m to the national economy last year;

    3.     That the report indicates a cost-benefit analysis of available data found investment in live music delivers a return of $3 for every dollar spent;

  • That this House notes:

    1.     That Large Animal Rescue (LAR) involves the removal of a large animal from a place of danger to a place of safety by the most humane method, with regard for the safety and welfare of the animals, responders and members of the public;

    2.     That generally, LAR is the response phase to a natural or man-made disaster or accident where specialised training and equipment are required to rescue a large animal such as a horse, cow or alpaca;

  • That this House:

    1.     Notes with regret that Forestry Tasmania are still intent on logging Coupe FD053 at Lapoinya in the State’s north west;

    2.     Notes further that objection by the Tasmanian community at the determination of FT to level the native forest at Lapoinya is ongoing and gaining momentum, with another public meeting held as recently as last weekend;


    That this House:

    1.     Acknowledges the worldwide impetus in support of marriage equality;

    2.     Commends Greens Kingborough Councillor Richard Atkinson for introducing a motion in support of marriage equality;

    3.     Applauds Kingborough Council for following Hobart City Council in support of marriage equality;

    4.     Agrees that love is what binds us together as humans; and

    5.     Calls on Members to show support for love, equality, an end to discrimination and for marriage equality. 



  • That this House:

    1. Condemns the federal government’s attack on the public’s right to launch legal action in response to decisions made under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

    2. Notes that the federal government’s move to change the EPBC Act is part of an ongoing pattern that seeks to silence its critics and undermine our democratic freedoms, damage the environment and disempower local communities and farmers.

  • Question

  • That this House:

    1. Notes that Tasmania is ideally placed to lead the country on electric vehicle infrastructure to utilize its renewable energy supplies.

    2. Acknowledges the work of the previous Labor–Green government on showing leadership in this area.

    3. Welcomes Labor’s support for a rollout of electric vehicles and necessary infrastructure in Tasmania, and its conversion to green thinking.

    4. Supports the Electric Vehicle Association of Tasmania’s proposal to establish a statewide network of electric vehicle charging stations.