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Andrea Dawkins

Unfolding Crisis at LGH Rests with Ferguson

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Member for Bass

There is an unfolding disaster for patients at the Launceston General Hospital, as a  result of Health Minister, Michael Ferguson's failure to respect clinical staff in the State's hospitals.

For the Director of Surgery at the LGH to leave in such a fashion paints a picture of a hospital in crisis. The flow on effects Dr Kirkby’s resignation are yet to be felt fully.

Liberals Not to Be Trusted on Biosecurity

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ spokesperson for Primary Industries

The Liberals’ biosecurity policy announcement today is a terrible joke made at the expense of Tasmania's farmers and growers.

First they cut biosecurity funds, then refused to adequately resource it - the State is no longer fruit fly free and our exporters face uncertain overseas markets - and now they want Tasmanians to believe they have a plan to repair the damage they caused.

More Funds Needed for DPIPWE, Not Relocation of Jobs

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Primary Industries spokesperson 

The Liberals’ plan to move Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment staff from Hobart to the North and North West is hollow political pork-barreling. Their plan won’t create new job opportunities, unless existing, specialist staff resign.

If they really wanted to improve DPIPWE services and increase jobs in the North and North West, they should be boosting the Department’s funding.

Greens to Move for Independent Commission of Inquiry on Kevin Lyons and Federal Group Bribery Allegations

 Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Spokesperson for Gambling

The Greens will move, in the new Parliament, for an Independent Commission of Inquiry to fully investigate the seedy history of the Federal Hotels monopoly deal, and the circumstances surrounding the extension of the Farrell family’s business into Launceston, and ultimately into pubs and clubs around the State. 

The disinfectant of sunlight must be shone on this issue, as the Federal Hotels’ Monopoly Deed comes closer to expiring.

Liberals’ Pokies Policy the Worst Case Scenario for Community

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Gambling spokesperson

The Liberals have demonstrated just how deep in industry's pocket, and out of touch with the community, they are when it comes to the poker machines in the State. Their policy will entrench the harm caused, and ignite a competitive marketplace for addiction.

The evidence heard at the recent Parliamentary Inquiry made it clear, the Liberals' policy to enter into individual contracts with gaming venues is the worst case scenario.

Liberals Fail to Deliver Promised Biosecurity Legislation

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Primary Industries spokesperson  

The Minister for Primary Industries, Jeremy Rockliff, confirmed today in question time, that after four years and lengthy consultation, promised Biosecurity legislation would not be tabled in this term of government.

Protecting Tasmania’s clean, green image is critical to the future of our agricultural sector.  

The draft legislation has been closed to submissions since June this year, giving ample time to table the final Bill. Yet Minister Rockliff has failed to deliver.

Liberals Must Update Electoral Boundaries Before State Election

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Member for Bass  

Many Tasmanians are set to head to the polls in March and vote to elect local representatives who won't actually represent them for the Parliamentary term.

The Australian Electoral Commission finalised changes to electoral boundaries at the end of last month, yet we’ve had no indication those changes will become law before the State election.

People living on the West Tamar are currently in Lyons, but would see their representatives change to those elected to Bass; and in Prospect Vale, vice versa.

Liberals’ ‘Free Beer’ Arrangement with THA Doesn’t Pass the Pub Test

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Gambling spokesperson 

The future of Federals Hotels' gambling monopoly Deed will be decided in the next term of Parliament.  Poker machines will be an election issue because the vast majority of voters want them out of pubs and clubs, and this election is the first time in almost fifty years that Tasmanians will have a direct say in the future of gambling in this State.

The Liberals' arrangement with the Tasmanian Hospitality Association members funding their 'Pub Test' pre-election forums is wrong on so many levels.

Burnie City Council Reflects Community Concern about Pokies

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Gambling spokesperson 

Burnie City Council’s decision to seek feedback from local businesses on the future of pokies in their community is timely. There’s a growing push to get these toxic machines out of pubs and clubs.

There’s a strong appetite for change on pokies. Councillors and Aldermen would be feeling the same pressure as other elected representatives, and are clearly conscious they must act.

Wombat Fire Deaths Must be Investigated

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Environment spokesperson

The wombat deaths in Kelso in Northern Tasmania, as a result of an intentionally-lit gorse fire, are a tragic loss for the local wildlife population.  Reports suggest 13 wombats have perished as a result their burrows being burnt and buried from the gorse-clearing exercise on privately owned land.  

It’s a huge blow for the species, and the local community members, who were treating a number of them for Sarcoptic Mange now widespread in the adjoining Narawntapu National Park.


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