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Cassy O'Connor

Greens Won't Support Politicians' Pay Bill

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

The Tasmanian Greens will not be supporting the Parliamentary Salaries, Superannuation and Allowances Amendment Bill 2015 because we believe Tasmanian Parliamentarians should not be treated differently from any other public servant in Tasmania.

The Bill seeks to refer the determination of MPs' pay to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission. The risk here is that the T.I.C. will determine that state politicians should be paid more and receive more entitlements.

The Premier Can Save the Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson

As Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Premier Hodgman not only urgently needs to meet with representatives of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, but get on the phone to his Federal colleagues and ensure this disgraceful, disrespectful decision is reversed .

It is not good enough for the Premier to stand in the Tasmanian Parliament and say he is waiting for further information from Attorney General Brandis' office and won't be meeting community leaders until Thursday.

New Greens Leader

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

It is a great honour and an enormous responsibility to take on the Leadership of the Tasmanian Greens.  I very much look forward to the challenge.

The task ahead is to continue to stand up for this beautiful island and its people, to articulate a vision for a prosperous, sustainable future, to hold government to account and build the Green vote across Tasmania.

Government Inaction on Medical Cannabis

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Health spokesperson

Police Minister Rene Hidding has admitted that the Government has rejected key recommendations from the parliamentary Committee report into medicinal cannabis.

Despite the Parliamentary Committee recommendation that the use of medicinal cannabis being legislated as soon as possible, the Hodgman Liberal Government have washed their hands of any responsibility for criminal protection of chronically-ill Tasmanians and their families.

Memo to Premier: Investing in People isn't a Waste of Money

Cassy O'Connor | Greens Human Services spokesperson

Premier Hodgman acknowledged concerns raised by the community sector about the lack of funds to Tasmanians in need as "valid questions", but when questioned on why his GST windfall wasn't invested in this area the Premier told Estimates he wouldn't be "blowing it on recurrent services".

It is simply sad that the Premier is telling low income Tasmanians and the community sector which supports them that his Government won't be wasting its extra money on them.

Weak Chemical Testing of Tasmanian Waterways Under Liberals

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Primary Industries & Water spokesperson

Tasmanians should be concerned about what exactly is coming out of their taps following confirmation in Budget Estimates today the Department of Primary Industries Parks and the Environment has ceased its regular testing for chemical contamination at 51 sites in water catchments around the State.

Welcome Andrea Dawkins

Nick McKim MP | Member for Franklin

Cassy O'Connor MP | Member for Denison

We welcome Andrea Dawkins as the new Greens Member for Bass with pleasure and excitement.

Her integrity and experience as a successful small business owner and Launceston Councillor will stand her in good stead, and we look forward to her joining our team and welcoming her to parliament from next week.


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