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Climate Change

Labor Leadership Failure

Cassy O'Connor MP | Labor Leadership Failure

In a time of climate emergency and growing social inequality, political parties need to work together to advance the public interest.

Instead, Labor Leader, Rebecca White, is playing silly political games while the planet burns.

Ms White should know this island is not immune from global and national shocks.

She should know that leadership across the community is required to ensure future wellbeing and prosperity for Tasmanians.

East Coast Fire Danger Under Liberals

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Fire and Emergency Management spokesperson

Yesterday’s Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook has confirmed the worst fears for the East Coast of Tasmania, with ground conditions already above normal fire potential.

The AFAC Review of last summer’s bushfires identified fuel reduction burning by private landowners as a valuable contribution to risk reduction, in addition to that conducted by government agencies. 


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