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Gutwein Refuses to Rule Out Further Public Funds for Twamley Dam

Treasurer Peter Gutwein refused to rule out committing further public funding to bail out the now-precarious Twamley Dam.

Rosalie Woodruff MP  |  Media Release  |  17 Oct 2019

Liberals Failing to Aid Dairy Farmers in Transition to Organic

The Minister for Primary Industries, Hon. Jeremy Rockliff MP, must listen to those that understand the industry and the market and to take immediate and further steps to assist dairy farmers to succeed in what we know are very dire...

Andrea Dawkins  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  24 Aug 2016

Government Needs Long-term Vision for Renewable Energy

The damage to the Basslink cable and the drought conditions have exposed Tasmania’s dependence on dirty coal-fired electricity from the mainland.

Rosalie Woodruff MP  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  17 Aug 2016

Tasmania's Biggest Flood Since 1929

Notes that the heavy rainfall in parts of Tasmania, especially the North, North West and the Upper Derwent resulted in loss of life, both human and animal.

Andrea Dawkins  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  14 Jun 2016

Greens Alternative Budget 2016: Innovation and Sustainable Agriculture a Must for the New Economy

Call on the Liberal Government to take a leaf out of the Greens’ Alternative Budget and develop funding initiatives which will help farmers diversify to ensure they get value for money and are able to sustain their businesses on and into...

Andrea Dawkins  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  1 Jun 2016

Ministers Failing to Answer Questions on Notice

It is disappointing to see the number of questions that were put on notice some time ago that have not yet been answered by ministers.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  26 Apr 2016

Groom Failed to Prepare for "Super" Drought

The Minister for Energy, Matthew Groom, has seriously mismanaged obvious risks in his energy portfolio. This was demonstrated once more in Parliament this morning when he revealed his complete inability to plan for the future.

Rosalie Woodruff MP  |  Media Release  |  15 Mar 2016

Water Management Plans Needed

The current dry conditions look very similar to projections under the government's own global warming modelling, with dry Springs leading into wetter Autumns.

Andrea Dawkins  |  Media Release  |  18 Jan 2016

Drought Relief Welcome, Longer Term Planning Needed

The Tasmanian Greens welcome Minister Rockliff's announcement of financial relief for drought stricken Tasmanian farmers but we also want to see this government recognise that hotter, drier conditions are becoming the new 'normal' and...

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Media Release  |  17 Jan 2016