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Fair Price for Rooftop Solar

Policies - 5 Feb 2018

The Tasmanian Greens want a fair pricing mechanism for the solar feed-in tarrif.

Greens Alternative Budget 2016:...

Parliamentary Activity - 1 Jun 2016

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Rosalie Woodruff MP to move—

That the House:—

(1)           Notes the Greens...

Tasmanian Needs Fairer Feed-in-Tariffs

Parliamentary Activity - 24 May 2016

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Rosalie Woodruff to move—

That the House:—

(1)           Recognises that under...

Solar Owners Dudded By Anti-Renewable...

Media Release - 10 May 2016
The feed-in tariff decision by the Economic Regulator to only pay solar PV owners a mere 6.6c per kilowatt hour is a...