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Free Range Eggs

Animal Welfare in Tasmania

The wellbeing of animals in Tasmania is a matter of very significant importance to the vast majority of the Tasmanian people.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  1 Aug 2019

Liberals' Animal Welfare Let Down

Minister Rockliff signalled the Liberals' plan to abandon their pledge to keep strengthening the Animal Welfare Act.

Andrea Dawkins  |  Media Release  |  8 Jun 2016

Greens Alternative Budget 2016: Funds a Cruelty-Free Tasmania

The Greens have pledged to care for the welfare of greyhounds, by allocating the amount, upwards of 5 million tax payer dollars given to prop up the industry each year to phasing out the industry over a 5 year period, and to give those in...

Andrea Dawkins  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  1 Jun 2016

Animal Welfare Disregarded in New Free-Range Egg Regulations

Reforms agreed to at the recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting which will see eggs stocked in farms with up to 10,000 hens per hectare labelled as ‘free-range’.

Andrea Dawkins  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  5 Apr 2016

Egg Labelling Only a Win for Industry

The welfare of hens was well and truly at the bottom of the list when egg labelling laws were debated at COAG. Minister Brooks boasted loudly about consumer knowledge this morning, but what was missing entirely from his self-congratulatory...

Andrea Dawkins  |  Media Release  |  5 Apr 2016

New Egg Laws Do Little For Hen Welfare

It's all well and good for the Liberals to claim new egg labelling laws are a win for producers and consumers, but they don't do much for the welfare of hens.

Andrea Dawkins  |  Media Release  |  31 Mar 2016

Greyhound Cruelty Needs Independent Investigation

Minister Rockliff must guarantee that any Tasmanian greyhound industry investigation into live baiting is independent and transparent.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Media Release  |  18 Feb 2015

Animal Welfare Act Review Implementation Stalled

Primary Industries Minister Rockliff refused to adopt the full recommendations from the Animal Welfare Act review.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Media Release  |  10 Sep 2014

Backyard Egg Producers

The Hodgman government must review the regulations and consult with local small egg producers before the new labelling system is brought in.

Kim Booth  |  Media Release  |  24 Aug 2014