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Fruit Growers

Fruit And Nut (Research, Development And Extension Trust Fund) Repeal Bill 2019 - Second Reading

Parliamentary Activity - It is, as the previous speakers have indicated, a technical bill really, that repeals the Fruit and Nut Research, Development and Extension Trust Fund, and winds up the fund pool that was established in 1982 to support particularly apple...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 8 Aug 2019

Greens Matter of Public Importance - Threat to Tasmania's GMO-free status

Parliamentary Activity - I rise on behalf of the Greens today to speak about this matter in the spirit of bipartisanship, because I believe that the entire parliament supports the moratorium on genetically modified organisms in Tasmania and strongly supports the...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 8 Aug 2019

Biosecurity Bill 2019 - Second Reading

Parliamentary Activity - The Greens would argue, and I am sure the minister and Dr Broad would agree, for an island with a clean, green brand and reputation we have a lot to protect and we have a lot to lose if our biosecurity framework is not strong and well...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 23 May 2019

Rockliff Says He Will Lobby Federal Counterparts on Backpacker Tax

Parliamentary Activity - Your Canberra colleagues' backpacker tax policy, and the uncertainty around it, is having a profound effect on an already strained sector.  Droughts, floods, falling product prices, and now employment instability for crop harvest, have...

Andrea Dawkins - 22 Sep 2016

State Liberals Powerless on Backpacker Tax

Media Release - The Primary Industries Minister's comments about intervention on the poorly handled backpacker tax highlights the powerless position this government is in.

Andrea Dawkins - 22 Sep 2016