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Greens Back RSPCA Call to Ban Whips in Horse Racing

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Animal Welfare spokesperson

The Greens commend the RSPCA for their position to ban whips in horse racing industry, as a matter of priority. Banning the whip is a solid first step to making the industry more humane.

We hope the State’s Racing Minister, Jeremy Rockliff, who is also responsible for the welfare of our animals, will listen to the RSPCA and ban whips in Tasmania.

TasRacing Soft on Animal Welfare Concerns

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Racing and Animal Welfare spokesperson 

In GBE Estimates today, Tas Racing CEO, Doctor Eliot Forbes, seemed to struggle to accept the reality of animal welfare issues facing the racing industry. Minister Rockliff now has a job to do and show leadership with his GBE and its CEO.

Mr Forbes referred to public concerns expressed about what happens to horses after their racing career as “propaganda material”. All this in the wake of an introduction boasting that TasRacing meets or exceeds community expectations regarding animal welfare.

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