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Local Food

Leadership in Local Produce

Policies - The Greens support a strong framework for supplying local communities with local food and minimising waste.

Andrea Dawkins - 14 Feb 2018

Backing Our Local Heroes - Funding Produce to the People

Policies - The Tasmanian Greens support Projects like Produce to the People, which step in at a community level, providing...

Andrea Dawkins - 1 Mar 2018

Leadership in Local Produce

Media Release - Local food systems are a great way to keep food secure, and boost healthy eating within communities for enhanced social, economic and environmental benefits.

Andrea Dawkins - 22 Feb 2018

Commemorate Life of Voula Delios

Parliamentary Activity - [6.03 p.m.]Ms DAWKINS (Bass) - Madam Speaker, I rise tonight to echo the sentiments of those in the community who have commemorated the life of Voula Delios, the North Hobart grocer who was stabbed to death whilst working in her store on...

- 16 Aug 2016