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Mental Health

Liberals Cave to Extreme Right on Safe Schools

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Education spokesperson

At their State Council meeting today, the Tasmania Liberals passed a Motion to abolish the Safe Schools program. 

Passing this Motion sends a frightening message to LGBTI Tasmanians, their friends, families and school communities. It's clear the Tasmanian Liberal Party does not, and will not, support them.

Safe Schools is a program that helps to create safe and supportive environments for young LGBTI people.  It is a critical resource for teachers to help end discrimination and bullying in schools. 

On RUOK Day Liberals Should Rethink Anti-Discrimination Act Changes

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

RUOK Day is an important reminder that reaching out to people in mental distress is something we can all do.  We can all ask our friends and people we care about if they are OK.  For a person experiencing mental distress, this reaching out can have a very positive effect.

On this day, we acknowledge the terrible toll suicide has on individuals, families and communities.


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