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Monopoly Deed

Farrell Family Leeching Millions at the Expense of Disadvantaged Tasmanians

Media Release - The Federal Group’s after-tax profit of $17M is primarily drawn from around 3,500 poker machines deliberately placed in the most economically disadvantaged communities.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 8 Nov 2019

Greens to Move for Independent Commission of Inquiry on Kevin Lyons and Federal Group Bribery Allegations

Media Release - The Greens will move, in the new Parliament, for an Independent Commission of Inquiry to fully investigate the seedy history of the Federal Hotels monopoly deal, and the circumstances surrounding the extension of the Farrell family’s...

Andrea Dawkins - 25 Jan 2018

THA Must Reconsider Approach to Pokies

Media Release - Should the people of Tasmania choose a parliament in 2018 that supports the removal of pokies from pubs and clubs, there is ample time for businesses, which currently rely on the misfortune of those playing the pokies, to become viable.

Andrea Dawkins - 14 Dec 2017

Premier Deflecting on Donations from Federal Hotels

Media Release - When asked again in Parliament today whether the Liberals will be accepting donations from Federal Hotels in the lead up to the next State election, the Premier ignored the question and attempted to deflect responsibility to his...

Andrea Dawkins - 1 Nov 2017

Poker Machines - Liberals' Position

Parliamentary Activity - In recent days, you and the Treasurer have accused Labor of having no position on pokies. This may or may not be true. It could be a question for the former premier and current federal lobbyist, Paul Lennon.

Andrea Dawkins - 17 Aug 2017

Poker Machines - Agreement

Parliamentary Activity - Have you met with representatives from Federal Hotels and/or the Tasmanian Hotels Association to discuss the agreement which was flagged on the ABC this morning?

Andrea Dawkins - 17 Aug 2017

Poker Machines - Agreement

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins questions the Premier over the agreed position between Federal Group and the Australian Hotels Association, Tasmania, on future pokies arrangements.

Andrea Dawkins - 17 Aug 2017

Labor and Liberals Ignore Health Cost of Pokies

Media Release - Tasmanians lose $200 million a year to poker machines. They devastate families and destroy lives.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 28 Jul 2017

Three and Half Years' Silence from Ogilvie on Pokies

Media Release - In response to a Family Voice 2014 election survey*, Madeleine Ogilvie told voters she would support legislation to remove pokies from pubs and clubs.  Since then, Tasmanians have heard nothing more from Ms Ogilvie.

Andrea Dawkins - 27 Jul 2017

Liberals' 'Individual Responsibility, Corporate Entitlement' Pokies Plan

Media Release - In an ominous sign for Tasmanians affected by problem gambling, both the Premier and the Treasurer delivered a disappointing and underwhelming response to questions on the future of the Federal gambling monopoly in Budget Estimates today.

Andrea Dawkins - 5 Jun 2017

Concern over Pokies Terms of Reference Falls on Gutwein's Deaf Ears

Parliamentary Activity - Yesterday, the Treasurer accused the Greens of playing politics with pokies when we called for the expanded terms of reference for the parliamentary select inquiry into gambling.

Andrea Dawkins - 7 Apr 2016

Terms of Reference Just Liberal Policy

Parliamentary Activity - Ms DAWKINS question to TREASURER, Mr GUTWEIN

Andrea Dawkins - 6 Apr 2016

Will the Public Get a Say on Pokies?

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMANDo you agree that poker machines cause profound social and economic harm in Tasmania? Do you acknowledge Anglicare Tasmania's polling which shows that 84 per cent of Tasmanians want poker machines...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Apr 2016

Federal Hotels Monopoly

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN Yesterday at a function at David Walsh's outstanding Museum of Old and New Art you sat next to the businessman whose family refused your Government's request for permission to alter the Federal...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 29 Oct 2015